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Garde Robe: A World of Possibilities for the Luxury Wardrobe

October 29, 2015

Overflowing closets are a common problem for the fashion set with so many seasons of shopping, space-consuming winter wear, an explosion of accessories… the picture is very clear. This was a problem that had to be solved by stale air storage places, expanding closets or even keeping […]

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Vintage Clothing Care Tips

October 27, 2015

We had a great time browsing the various vendors at the Manhattan Vintage clothing show last Friday. This called to mind for us the trickier task of caring for older garments. For those who love incorporating vintage pieces in to your wardrobes:

* use padded hangers if hanging your […]

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Keeping Moths Away

October 22, 2015

We were trilled to participate in a Q&A with Teri Agins from the Wall Street Journal. To learn more about how to properly store your clothes and keep the moths away, click here […]

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Handbag Care – Q&A

October 9, 2015

In honor of National Handbag Day, we’ve compiled a list of the most-frequently-asked questions about handbag care. Find below the answers by Chuck Horst, President of Garde Robe West.
Q:: Is there anything I should do to a suede purse before I use […]

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