Luxury Wardrobe Storage & Valet Service


Garde Robe® pioneered the luxury wardrobe management and Cyber Closet® valet concept
to service the needs of couture collectors, city residents with inadequate closet space,
business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers.

The only service of its kind, Garde Robe’s raison d’être is museum-quality garment storage
for its members’ precious clothing, footwear, furs and accessories collections,
and providing on-demand accessibility whenever, wherever.



Garde Robe has established strong relationships that extend far beyond the fashion
industry. We have partners in the Insurance Industry, Stylists & Image Consultants,
Professional Organizers, Closet Designers, Garment Care Professionals,
Storage Companies, Products, Private Jets, Consignment, Consultants, Hotels,
and exclusive member benefits.

Corporate Associate Members offer NAPO-NY members the opportunity to provide above-and-beyond services for their clients. This month, Dayna Brandoff of Chaos Theory Inc. shares her experience working with Garde Robe.

Sara Lincoln, senior account specialist and VIP liaison, describes Garde Robe as a luxury wardrobe storage and valet service for people with expensive designer clothes and not enough closet space! They offer a “bespoke” storage experience, including purified air, humidity control, and overall museum-quality conditions. All items stored with Garde Robe are cataloged and clients can access their wardrobe details through their own personal “cyber closet.”

NAPO-NY member Dayna Brandoff had the opportunity to work closely with Garde Robe on “a very special project for a very special client,” as she says, in 2012. While working with the client to clean out her closets, Dayna found countless designer gems from the 1960s and 70s. The client was ready to let the pieces go, but Dayna pointed out the stories they held, and the client agreed that she’d like to work with an archivist to document her collection.

“At first we sent the clothes to Garde Robe just for the photography,” said Dayna. “We weren’t planning to store them. Then we got them back in the beautiful Garde Robe garment bags. Each had a hangtag with the size, a photo of the garment, the designer, and other details listed. Once my client saw the quality and level of detail, she wanted to store with them.” Dayna shared this example of a garment description: “Oscar de la Renta (Vintage). Size 10. Marigold & multicolor floral silk jacquard coat/skirt ensemble. Includes snap gold button decorate coat with fur collar and darted sheath skirt.”

However, the project didn’t stop at just storing and preserving the garments. Dayna and her client took advantage of Garde Robe’s capacity to create separate cyber closet log-ins for multiple people. They created a log-in for the client’s daughter, who doesn’t live in New York, but can use the service to request items from Garde Robe. Sara says that cyber closet log-ins can be created with different restrictions, such as view-only or granting the ability to request items. Garde Robe can deliver items anywhere in the world; for example, you can request to have items delivered to your hotel if you’re going to be traveling.

In addition to giving the client’s daughter access to the garments, Dayna says, “We created a really remarkable book and website for her children to enjoy. It’s a one-of-a-kind, museum-quality book. Each page had a picture of the garment and a picture of the client wearing it, if available, and each garment had a number, like in a museum. We embedded an iPod in the book, so you could punch the number and hear the story.” Overall, Garde Robe photographed and stored 448 of the client’s items, including handbags, gowns, suits, and shoes. Sara notes that for every 50 pieces a client stores, they get free storage space for 10 pairs of shoes and 10 accessories, such as scarves or handbags.

Sara says that Dayna’s client isn’t the only one to use Garde Robe to create an archive. “Some people catalog for insurance purposes, others for sentimental reasons,” she says. “We do have some catalog-only jobs. Some clients also request printed versions, if they’re not tech-savvy. We give them the flexibility to view their wardrobes however they like.”

However, the majority of clients use Garde Robe for seasonal storage. Sara says their busy seasons are from mid-September to December, and from March or April to June. “It keeps their home organized – we come, remove pieces such as their bulky winter coats, and give them more flexibility,” she says. “We store some wedding dresses, but typically clients must commit to at least one rack, which is 50 pieces.”

Garde Robe also works with major fashion designers to store their archives. “We have Carolina Herrera, we have Oscar de la Renta – everything since the beginning of his career. Several houses use us as an active catalog. They can view the pieces in their cyber closet just like everyone else, and request pieces for delivery to their showrooms or photo shoots.”

Garde Robe also works with professional organizers, referring clients to organizers that they’ve worked with previously, including Dayna. Dayna says, “They’ve sent me clients of theirs who needed my help – they take care of the contents of the closets and they recommend me for other areas of the house. We built a good relationship and level of trust with the first project.”

Sara adds, “Clients ask us for recommendations for organizers. Whether the organizer finds us, or we find them, we allow the organizer to be the facilitator, the point of contact for the client. We work with the organizer to make their job easier – we bring the pieces in and out. We’re very cautious and respectful of the trust built up between organizer and their clients. We’ll work with either the client or the organizer, based on their preferences.”

And Garde Robe’s attention to detail is greatly appreciated. “Everyone is beyond pleased,” Dayna asserts. “I think there’s a reason they work with some of the best designers in the business. Your stuff comes back in better condition. It reminds me of the closet in Clueless – it’s the dream! I think Garde Robe does that in a sense, in a more high-level, sophisticated way.”

All one needs to do is set foot into Lily et Cie or New York Vintage and immediately it is apparent this is no “consignment shop.” There is no shortage of vintage resale stores these days, but these two boutiques set the standard. Shannon Hoey of NY Vintage and Rita Watnick of Lily et Cie are the very best at what they do, and browsing their collections is akin to taking a stroll back in time; to galas and state dinners and red carpets of the past. These pieces tell their own story, of a life well worn.

Thinking of all the fashion enthusiasts out there, we have compiled a list of our favorite consignment and resale shops to help you to hunt for unique designer pieces:

Luxury Garage Sale - Upscale consignment boutique that specializes in selling new and gently used designer and vintage clothing and accessories. they work with consigners nationwide and also help retail stores to sell their unsold inventory.

The Real Real – The leader in authenticated luxury consignment, they inspect and authenticate every item with their in-house team of experts including gemologists, horologists, art appraisers and luxury experts. Free white glove pick-up in 16 U.S. cities, or free shipping via FedEx.

Rebagg – They purchase pre-owned designer handbags and aim to make the selling process as easy as possible (sellers receive a guaranteed quote within 1 business day). Free pick ups in NYC and shipping in the US.

Christies – Founded in 18th Century London, they are known as a global art business. However, Christies also buys and auctions jewelry, watches and handbags. Last June, a Birkin bag broke records and became the most expensive handbag in the world, sold for $300,168 at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.
Lily et Cie – A Beverly Hills based luxury vintage clothing boutique featuring comprehensive collections of Madame Grès, original samples, historic pieces by Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, European, American and Japanese designers.

New York Vintage – Their hand-selected collection spans over one hundred years of vintage fashion. In addition to the Chelsea showroom, they have an extensive collection of rental-only pieces available for Red Carpet and Industry use (by appointment).

Many Garde Robe members have expressed displeasure with their dry cleaner. Not all cleaners have the experience, knowledge and expertise to be handling couture wardrobes. The very best cleaners have resources that allow them to implement cleaning equipment and solvents that your average dry cleaner simply cannot afford. Many couture pieces should never be cleaned by a machine, only hand washed. Your average cleaner doesn’t know what they don’t know, and that is a recipe for fabric damage. In New York, the cleaners Garde Robe works with on a regular basis and highly recommend are:

Meurice – With four locations in New York (Manhattan and Manhasset), Meurice is an environmentally responsible and easily accessible dry cleaner. They have the equipment and five decades of expertise needed to tackle virtually any job – from preserving a wedding gown to removing chocolate from a suede couch. Ask for Wayne.

Hallak – This year, the Hallak family is celebrating their 50th anniversary. They are the Metropolitan area’s leading couture cleaner and offer a large variety of services, including the “Courier Couture”, providing nationwide couture cleaning services. Ask for John Claude.

Jeeves – Located on the Upper East Side, Jeeves uses environmentally friendly cleaning systems and minimizes the use of packaging. They also offer seasonal collection and delivery to Eastern Long Island; including Southampton, Bridgehamton, Sag Harbor, Water Mill and Shinnecock. Ask for Jerry.

The following cleaners also provide excellent service:

Arthur Copeland Cleansers – Established in 1934, they are the oldest operating dry cleaning firm on Long Island, NY. Combining tradition with the latest technology and techniques, they offer a range of services, including garment and bridal, interior cleaning, handbag cleaning, and alterations. Ask for Charlie.

* George Torpe – One of the best-kept secrets among the best dressed, the Upper East Side dry cleaner is known by his stain-removing miracles. Service by appointment only and George ships anywhere in the nation and internationally. Ask for George.

* Winzer Cleaners – Since 1908 they have specialized in fine dry cleaning in New York City, including dry cleaning of theatrical costumes, mascots, wedding gowns, leather, suede, fur cleaning, rugs, upholstery & draperies. Ask for Bruce.

* King Garment Care -Located in the heart of Soho, they invested in cleaning processes with the smallest footprints on the planet. They offer a wide range of cleaning and tailoring services, employing up to five different cleaning technologies in their processes. Ask for Richie.

* Bridge Cleaners & Tailors – King Garment Care’s location in Downtown Brooklyn. They share the same ‘Green Philosophy’ and, just like their sister location, offer a large variety of environmentelly friendly services. Ask for Richie.

* Embassy Cleaners – Premier Dry Cleaning Service in Westchester (NY), they specialize in dry cleaning, drapery cleaning, carpet  and upholstery cleaning. In addition, they also offer fireproofing and restoration services for smoke and water damage. Ask for Andy.

If you need a cleaner in another part of the country, seek out members of Leading Cleaners Internationale. You can rest assured these garment care companies have vast experience handling couture.